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Searching far and wide for child life answers!


Since child life is still a growing field and not always well known, I get many questions about anything and everything concerning child life. I think it’s really important to spread the word about child life as well as help those who are interested in the field discern whether it’s a good fit for them. So if you have any questions about the field, how to get into child life, what it’s like, and so forth, feel free to submit your questions and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability.

Depending on how many and the type questions I receive, I would like to feature some of the questions in my weekly blog posts so that others who have the same question can also benefit from the answer. In the form below you can choose whether you would mind having your question shared on this blog or not. Those who do not mind sharing their question will remain anonymous even if the question is posted.



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