Breathe Like A Dragon

This morning I was unbelievably stressed out. For the first time in over two years I stood in front of over 100 people and sang. Yes, I had a couple of moments thinking to myself ‘Why did I decide to do this?‘ I was totally feelings the physical effects of stress in the form of […]

Bringing the Wild to the Hospital

Today I wanted to share with you a cool article about what zoos are adding to the hospital experience. San Jose Mercury News featured a great piece about a new trend happening with bringing more excitement and fun to kids in the hospital. As you probably have heard, animals can play a huge part in […]

The Power of Pets

For your news article of the week, I found this sweet one about how one hospital has started a type of therapy that utilizes patient’s pets. We often hear about pet therapy, where a trained animal (usually a dog, but other animals can do it too, even a miniature pony!) comes to bring comfort to […]