Breathe Like A Dragon

This morning I was unbelievably stressed out. For the first time in over two years I stood in front of over 100 people and sang. Yes, I had a couple of moments thinking to myself ‘Why did I decide to do this?‘ I was totally feelings the physical effects of stress in the form of […]

The Secret of Deep Breathing

I read a great blog post on how bubbles are an awesome secret weapon in the toolbox of a Child Life Specialist. I know that I’ve post on the power of bubbles back when I first started this blog, but you can never get enough of those delicate spheres. I really liked how this article […]

Distraction Techniques

I found these really cool videos on how to distract a child during procedures. This video is for medical professionals but if you click through, there are 2 other parts of this series and one focuses on how parents can help distract their kids. For those of you who are curious about the things that […]

Blown Flower Art

Here’s an art activity that’s a workout for your lungs as well! Blown flower art was an activity that I found through pinterest and I really wanted to try it out. You can check out the original article here for ideas. Keep reading to hear about my experiences with this activity! For this activity you […]

Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Bubbles are often my partners in crime… in a good way. They are great at promoting stress and anxiety reduction, not to mention, so much fun! So since this is my first post on therapeutic activities and bubbles are one of the go-to tools of a child life specialist, I’ve decided to give them the […]