It’s March… Time to celebrate!

Happy Child Life Month to all my fellow child life specialists! If you didn’t know, March is Child Life Month, and here in Texas, the governor has made March 2019 officially Child Life Month! Last year our hospital got us some very nice t-shirts with the following picture: Cute, right? If you’re interested in getting […]

My Magic Glitter Wand

Today I’ll be sharing another tool that I have in my trusty distraction bag. My special, amazing, magic wand! Yes, this is actually what I often tell my preschool patients sometimes. It does a great job of getting them excited about what I’m pulling out of my bag. I ask them, do you want to […]

What’s In Your Bag?

Hi everyone, Happy Sunday! As you’ve probably noticed, the amount of therapeutic activities that I’ve posted have slowed down as of late. This is partly due to the area that I currently work in at the hospital. I haven’t spoken too much on this before, but I’m a child life specialist that is mainly based […]

Child Life Month Is Off To An Awesome Start!

I am so excited to share with all of you this awesome video that the Child Life Council has just released for Child Life Month. Deb, Teresa, and the team at Rochester General Hospital did an awesome job showing how child life can change and revolutionize the medical experience for children and their families. I […]

Friday Fun: Salute To Patients

So Child Life Month is coming to an end, but I wanted to share with you an inspiring video from The Children’s Hospital of Montefiore. They made a great music video featuring the patients and highlighting things that make them so awesome. So take a look!

Child Life Month and Superheroes

If you haven’t heard, March is Child Life Month and Children’s Hospitals all over the country are coming up with creative ways to celebrate. For example, Driscoll Hospital brought in Superheroes for a treat for the patients and families. You can read the news article here and check out some photos of the event! Superheroes […]