The Voices In Your Head Say…

Hi everyone! I hope that you all are feeling good! Speaking of feelings, I wanted to share a cool new movie with you all. I got the chance to see the new Disney and Pixar movie “Inside Out” earlier this week and it was too good not to tell everyone about it. That being said, […]

Iron Man To The Rescue!

Here’s your mid-week news flash: Disney, Marvel, and the Child Life Council have all come together to create a comic book about “overcoming adversity” as the article puts it. The comic features Iron Man in the lead role using powers that every child can call upon as well, according to The Walt Disney Company. I’m […]

Saturday Fun: Disney Does Let It Go

So every good child life specialist knows that it’s important to keep up to date with the popular movies and songs that kids and teens love. And with that, you’ve probably noticed that Disney’s Frozen is one of the popular movies right now and it’s song “Let It Go” has been also incredibly popular, even […]