And The Oscar Goes To…

Hi everyone! I’m back with a new theater activity for you all to try. As many of you may have noticed, the Academy Awards were last weekend. While discussing the plans to have a Oscars watching party with friends, I came up with a fun idea for an improvisation activity in honor of the movie […]

Plot Pictures

This week I’ve got a new drama therapeutic activity for everyone, Yay! I really like this activity because it’s one of those theater games that even the kids that say they aren’t actors can participate with enthusiasm. It can also be tailored to the needs and abilities of the participants, which is great for those […]

Iron Man To The Rescue!

Here’s your mid-week news flash: Disney, Marvel, and the Child Life Council have all come together to create a comic book about “overcoming adversity” as the article puts it. The comic features Iron Man in the lead role using powers that every child can call upon as well, according to The Walt Disney Company. I’m […]

Bear Hunt

After a slight hiatus due to my relocation and new job, I am excited to talk about a fun spin on a game many of you have probably played at some point in your life. I tried this activity out as part of a theater class I taught a few weeks ago and it went […]

Harry Potter Is Still Strong!

Be honest, how many of you (no matter how old you were at the time) wished that you had gotten a letter from Hogwarts? I’m definitely one of those people. Well, last Friday we were able to grant a few of those wishes by sending out this: Yep, everyone got an acceptance letter to Hogwarts […]

Do you want to build a snowman?

Happy Monday to everyone!!! I’ve got a new therapeutic activity for you all to brighten the start of your week. Now, I know we’re already half way through the month of March, but I’ve decided to share one more snowy-themed activity before we jump into spring.¬† As you probably have noticed, it seems like all […]

Movies in the MRI Suites

Columbia Daily Tribune featured a great article on how the Women’s and Children’s Hospital was able to get MRI goggles that play movies for kids while they have MRI scans performed. The article talks about how the goggles distract kids and assist in decreasing the wiggles, as well as boosting their confidence after being able […]

Monthly Book Club: Curious George Goes To The Hospital

This month’s post on books features a character most of you know, especially if you work with children. Curious George is a little monkey who lives with The Man With The Yellow hat and goes on many adventures which usually involves him getting into a least a bit of trouble because he is so curious. […]

Making scary rooms more inviting

More and more hospitals are joining in the child-friendly¬† makeover and this great new article highlights some of those hospitals as well as how these hospitals are going about the process. There are some great pictures of the new rooms as well as stories about how these changes are affecting the experience kids have. You […]

Ella – a friend of Barbie

I wanted to share a post from Adventures in Child Life that I came across a bit ago. Did you know that Barbie has a friend named Ella who is going through chemotherapy? The Ella doll is for kids in the hospital who are experiencing hair loss. This doll helps kids express what they are […]