Surprise Trick Ring!

Today I’ll be sharing with you a fun activity that also doubles as a prank for the mischievous individuals. I came up with this craft while looking for activities that could be done on April Fool’s Day. I saw a do-it-yourself prank ring on Pinterest and decided to alter it for a hospital playroom. You […]

Skeleton Exploration Project

This week we’re heading back into the land of art projects to explore our bodies, or more specifically how our bones create our skeletons. You may already be familiar with this project, but I wanted to highlight it because it’s a great way to start the conversation about bones and x-rays. In addition, we’ll be […]

Yo ho, A Pirate’s Life For Me!

Get on board for our weekly therapeutic activity, featuring PIRATES!!! Yep, we’re creating out own pirate ships using some unlikely equipment. Medical supplies. It’s amazing how creative you can be with some simple tools that at first glance only appear to serve one purpose. Think again! As many child life specialists know, syringes make great […]

Ella – a friend of Barbie

I wanted to share a post from Adventures in Child Life that I came across a bit ago. Did you know that Barbie has a friend named Ella who is going through chemotherapy? The Ella doll is for kids in the hospital who are experiencing hair loss. This doll helps kids express what they are […]

Bandaid Bugs

So I’ve seen this activity on Pinterest and I’ve always wanted to try it, so today was finally the day I tested it out. Basically the activity is all about getting creative with bandaids. People have made some really cute bandaid creations and I have to admit, it’s very fun. If you would like to […]

Specimen Cup Snow globe

This activity was something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time and finally I figured out a way that would work! For awhile now every time I see a specimen cup (you know, the one they collect urine with) I think, “That would make a cool snow globe!” But I couldn’t come up […]

Thanksgiving Day Turkey

So tomorrow I’m hosting the craft show at work for the first time. I’ve never done anything like that before, but I’m really excited! For the craft show I had to come up with a craft that goes with the holiday we’ll be celebrating in a few days (Thanksgiving :D). So I spent a very […]

Puppet Show – Curious George Style

While I was working on my master’s degree I had the opportunity to take a class on creative drama. It was probably one of the most fun and insightful classes I ever took and I enjoyed every minute of it. Today I wanted to share with you an activity I put together for a class […]

Children’s Museum Exploration: Life Flight & ED

A few weeks ago I decided to go check out the local children’s museum, specifically an exhibit that had recently been updated and also happened to pertain to child life. Discovery Gateway¬†Children’s Museum in Salt Lake City, UT has a really cool exhibit on their roof. They have a life-size replica of the Life Flight […]

Hospital-Style Sensory Bags

I’ve been seeing these cool sensory bags all over Pinterest, and I really wanted to try them out myself. I was able to create my own version of these sensory bags utilizing materials you might find at a children’s hospital. If you are doing this activity at home, I suggest you use what’s lying around […]