Do-A-Dot Art With Toothettes

The other day I was doing a medical collage activity when I found a new use for toothettes: They make a great stand in for the Do-A-Dot paint bottles! Yep, not only do they make pretty flower prints on a page, they can also make other fun print designs. Here’s my example. You’ll probably notice […]

Looking Into The Future

I’ve got a fun new therapeutic activity for you this week that I hope you will find useful (I definitely did!). I wanted to try this activity for awhile after I read about it in a favorite book of mine, “Little Windows Into Art Therapy” by Deborah Schroder. She talked about using a magic wand […]

Rainbow Magazine Art

Lately it’s been raining quite a bit where I am, which is a good thing since I live in a very dry area. I’m super happy that we’ve been getting the rain, but what’s even better than rain? The rainbow that comes after! Therefore, in the spirit of the rainbow, the activity of the week […]

Stories From An Art Therapist

Today I wanted to share with you a great article I just read about an art therapist working in a children’s hospital. Lohud featured the article focusing on a Q&A with art therapist Gabrielle Grimaldi Bellettieri who started the art therapy program at Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital in 2006. There are some really great questions […]

Skeleton Exploration Project

This week we’re heading back into the land of art projects to explore our bodies, or more specifically how our bones create our skeletons. You may already be familiar with this project, but I wanted to highlight it because it’s a great way to start the conversation about bones and x-rays. In addition, we’ll be […]

I Spy… A Little Fun!

This week’s therapeutic activity will be short, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not very important! In child life we use many different items to help redirect the patient’s attention during uncomfortable situations. One of the more commonly used items is an “I Spy” book or card. You can easily make one yourself by laying […]

Valentine Heart Chain

Valentine’s Day is almost upon us which means that hearts are the center of attention right now. If you’ve looked at Pinterest lately you’ve probably noticed an enormous variety of Valentine’s Day crafts. So far I’ve tried out a couple and even experimented with combining a few ideas to create my own. The latter resulted […]

Bandaid Bugs

So I’ve seen this activity on Pinterest and I’ve always wanted to try it, so today was finally the day I tested it out. Basically the activity is all about getting creative with bandaids. People have made some really cute bandaid creations and I have to admit, it’s very fun. If you would like to […]

Hospital Door Hanger

This week I want to share I project I worked on for myself, because while I was making it I thought it would be a great project for kids in the hospital too! Kids and families are constantly getting interrupted when staying at the hospital. Some of these interruptions are important and can’t wait, while […]

New Year’s Resolution Party Hat

Everyone getting ready for the new year? I’ve been spending time thinking about all the things that happened this past year, and I also wondering what will happen next year. It’s kind of fun to think of it as starting out with  a clean slate. And I’ve been trying to think of what kind of […]