A Hero With A Stethoscope

Today I wanted to share a wonderful video about a Dr. Michael B Harris, an oncologist who is more than just a doctor treating cancer. He is treating the whole patient and the whole family, very much like a child life specialist. In fact, he is a huge supporter of child life, talking about the […]

Adventures With The Lego

Last weekend I went on an adventure with my little brother to (drumroll please) Lego Land! A place of wonder and awe regarding all things Lego. As I went from exhibit to exhibit I was reminded of how therapeutic Legos are. You can build anything you want with Legos (My brother even told me someone […]

Monthly Book Club: The Answer Dog And The Doctor

I’m super excited that it’s May, because that means the weather is getting warmer!!! It also means that I’ve got our monthly book spotlight for you all! This month I wanted to share the book “What To Expect When You Go To The Doctor” by Heidi Murkoff. Angus is the “Answer Dog” in this book […]

Friday Fun: Salute To Patients

So Child Life Month is coming to an end, but I wanted to share with you an inspiring video from The Children’s Hospital of Montefiore. They made a great music video featuring the patients and highlighting things that make them so awesome. So take a look!