Monthly Book Club: A Helping of Success

Hooray for the return of the Monthly Book Club post! Today’s book is one that I use quite often to give me ideas for new games and activities to do with groups of kids and teens. It’s called “Instant Success: For Classroom Teachers, New and Substitute Teachers” by Barbara Cawthorne. I was given the book […]

Iron Man To The Rescue!

Here’s your mid-week news flash: Disney, Marvel, and the Child Life Council have all come together to create a comic book about “overcoming adversity” as the article puts it. The comic features Iron Man in the lead role using powers that every child can call upon as well, according to The Walt Disney Company. I’m […]

Cuddlers Here To Soothe The Babe

It’s Wednesday, so I’ve got another tidbit to share with you. This time it’s an article from where a particular hospital volunteer program is featured. Quite a large number of children’s hospitals have a program that features volunteer “cuddlers”; individuals who touch, hold, rock, sing, and support premature infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Units […]

Have A Party, Change A Life!

Or something like that. In the hospital kids go through many experiences that he or she normally wouldn’t be experiencing. At the same time, they have less chances in their day to engage in normal things they would be doing. As you’ve probably noticed if you’re an avid reader of this blog, there are many […]

Planned Hospitalization Tips for Parents

This week I wanted to share with you a great article written by Cleveland Jewish News I found about ways that parents can help their kids during hospitalization. I really liked how it talked about not just kids in general, but it gave ideas for each age group as well. Some of the tips are great for […]

A Deeper Look Into Child Life

Here’s another great article from Iowa Now, highlighting many of the things that child life specialists do for patients and families in the hospital. I particularly like how it points out how a specialist’s schedule fluctuates even within a few hours. There are also some really great comments from parents about the effect child life […]

The Power of The High School Dance

The Power of The High School Dance Here’s a great article by the Tampa Bay Times highlighting an awesome event that All Children’s Hospital does for it’s teen population. School dances like Homecoming and Prom are more than just a chance for teens to get dressed up in the latest fancy fashions. It’s also a […]

Sir Paul to the Rescue

I saw this super cool video today and just wanted to share it with you! This video helps explain cancer in a different way and could be a great resource for young kids with a new diagnosis of cancer. The only downside is it’s a bit long, so really little kids might have their attention […]

Children’s Museum Exploration: Life Flight & ED

A few weeks ago I decided to go check out the local children’s museum, specifically an exhibit that had recently been updated and also happened to pertain to child life. Discovery Gateway Children’s Museum in Salt Lake City, UT has a really cool exhibit on their roof. They have a life-size replica of the Life Flight […]