Friday Fun: The Book Ends?!?!

I found this funny pic which totally relates to my feelings when I’m reading a good book. Plus I just love Piggy and Elephant. Definitely recommend their book series to all preschool and young school-agers!

Monthly Book Club: The Answer Dog And The Doctor

I’m super excited that it’s May, because that means the weather is getting warmer!!! It also means that I’ve got our monthly book spotlight for you all! This month I wanted to share the book “What To Expect When You Go To The Doctor” by Heidi Murkoff. Angus is the “Answer Dog” in this book […]

Monthly Book Club: Dinosaurs Discuss Death

It’s time for another book feature! This month I’m sharing with you one of my favorite books on death and dying. Now, you may be thinking, “whoa there, who wants to read about dying”? I think that’s a great question and my answer is that everyone should read about it at least one, if not […]

Monthly Book Club: When Molly Was In The Hospital

Hi everyone! Welcome to a new segment I hope to do once a month focusing on books! As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been trying to post a new therapuetic activity once a week. Not only that, but I don’t just post art activities, but music, dance, and theater activities as well. I wanted to add […]