I Spy… a Specimen Cup?

Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share with you a new medical art activity that can double as a coping tool! Have you ever since those I Spy cylinders that are full of little objects for you to find as you turn it? The ones you can buy at the store are cool of course, […]

Perscription for Pain: Music Time!

I am so excited to come across this article! I definitely think that music can help decrease pain. Not only does it help distract you, but it can also influence your emotions, which can help you produce more endorphins and decrease the pain. And music can help you feel less anxious and more relaxed, which […]

The Sillyness of Silly Putty

Today I want to talk about an activity that has been requested so many times that I felt like it deserved it’s own post. It is one of those little gems of an activity that not only is it fun to make, but the finished product also works great to decrease stress and anxiety. I […]

Movies in the MRI Suites

Columbia Daily Tribune featured a great article on how the Women’s and Children’s Hospital was able to get MRI goggles that play movies for kids while they have MRI scans performed. The article talks about how the goggles distract kids and assist in decreasing the wiggles, as well as boosting their confidence after being able […]

Child Life App Resource

Big news for those of you interested in using more apps for your iPad. The Child Life Council has put together an app catalog that includes over 500 apps ranging from teaching apps to games and videos. Each entry includes info on the age range, price, category, and a description. The catalog can be searched […]

Wax paper Mandalas

A few days ago I found an interesting pin on Pinterest about creating art with wax paper and sharpies. Curious, I tried my hand at it and decided I wanted to share it as a therapeutic activity. I decided to add an extra layer to it by incorporating a mandala focus in order to add […]

Bubbles bubbles everywhere!

Bubbles are often my partners in crime… in a good way. They are great at promoting stress and anxiety reduction, not to mention, so much fun! So since this is my first post on therapeutic activities and bubbles are one of the go-to tools of a child life specialist, I’ve decided to give them the […]