Happy Child Life Month V-Log!!!

Happy Child Life Month everyone!!! Did you know that March is when child life specialists around the world celebrate and spread the word about the awesomeness that is child life? But even with a whole month, there are still many people who ask me “A child life what? Come again?” So in celebration of child […]

Popcorn Party: Your Healthcare Companion

Last night I got to see “Big Hero Six” at the movie theater. I was super excited to see the movie since I had heard so many good things and the trailer looked so good. In fact, the movie trailer I shared with you a few weeks ago for a Friday Fun post was one […]

Boo Boo Bear Brings Fun to Construction

The kids at Primary Children’s Hospital have been playing a fun game of hide and seek with a giant stuffed bear this fall. For fun, construction workers have been helping out with this game by moving Boo Boo to a different spot on the building in progress for kids to find. I even sometimes play […]

Friday Fun: Delayed Gratification

Now that the holidays have officially started I know people are probably getting really excited about plans, parties, gifts, and all that yummy food! So I’ve decided to share with you a video where Cookie Monster helps to teach the important lesson of “delayed gratification” or for a child-friendly version: being patient. Enjoy!

Sir Paul to the Rescue

I saw this super cool video today and just wanted to share it with you! This video helps explain cancer in a different way and could be a great resource for young kids with a new diagnosis of cancer. The only downside is it’s a bit long, so really little kids might have their attention […]

Surprise Visit Creates Happy Memories

I know I’ve been posting quite a bit about music lately, but I really wanted to share with you a cool event that happened a few weeks ago which just happens to include music. Two weeks ago the band “Imagine Dragons” took time out of their busy schedule to bring some joy to families at […]