Popcorn Party: Your Healthcare Companion

Last night I got to see “Big Hero Six” at the movie theater. I was super excited to see the movie since I had heard so many good things and the trailer looked so good. In fact, the movie trailer I shared with you a few weeks ago for a Friday Fun post was one […]

Boo Boo Bear Brings Fun to Construction

The kids at Primary Children’s Hospital have been playing a fun game of hide and seek with a giant stuffed bear this fall. For fun, construction workers have been helping out with this game by moving Boo Boo to a different spot on the building in progress for kids to find. I even sometimes play […]

Friday Fun: Delayed Gratification

Now that the holidays have officially started I know people are probably getting really excited about plans, parties, gifts, and all that yummy food! So I’ve decided to share with you a video where Cookie Monster helps to teach the important lesson of “delayed gratification” or for a child-friendly version: being patient. Enjoy!

Sir Paul to the Rescue

I saw this super cool video today and just wanted to share it with you! This video helps explain cancer in a different way and could be a great resource for young kids with a new diagnosis of cancer. The only downside is it’s a bit long, so really little kids might have their attention […]

Surprise Visit Creates Happy Memories

I know I’ve been posting quite a bit about music lately, but I really wanted to share with you a cool event that happened a few weeks ago which just happens to include music. Two weeks ago the band “Imagine Dragons” took time out of their busy schedule to bring some joy to families at […]