Iron Man To The Rescue!

Here’s your mid-week news flash: Disney, Marvel, and the Child Life Council have all come together to create a comic book about “overcoming adversity” as the article puts it. The comic features Iron Man in the lead role using powers that every child can call upon as well, according to The Walt Disney Company. I’m […]

I Spy… A Little Fun!

This week’s therapeutic activity will be short, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not very important! In child life we use many different items to help redirect the patient’s attention during uncomfortable situations. One of the more commonly used items is an “I Spy” book or card. You can easily make one yourself by laying […]

Puppet Show – Curious George Style

While I was working on my master’s degree I had the opportunity to take a class on creative drama. It was probably one of the most fun and insightful classes I ever took and I enjoyed every minute of it. Today I wanted to share with you an activity I put together for a class […]

Thankful Fall Leaf Hand

As the leaves continue to change and we enter into the month of November, I thought I would do a post on a therapeutic activity that goes well with the coming holidays. What’s nice about this activity is it can be done well in a group setting as well as with a few or even […]

Blown Flower Art

Here’s an art activity that’s a workout for your lungs as well! Blown flower art was an activity that I found through pinterest and I really wanted to try it out. You can check out the original article here for ideas. Keep reading to hear about my experiences with this activity! For this activity you […]

Abstract Watercolor Garden

Everyone has played with watercolors at one time or another, right? What I like about this activity is it approaches watercolor art in a different way. And even better, this is a great activity for even those who say they aren’t “artists”. In fact, this is a great activity for those who are having trouble […]