Hospital Door Hanger

This week I want to share I project I worked on for myself, because while I was making it I thought it would be a great project for kids in the hospital too! Kids and families are constantly getting interrupted when staying at the hospital. Some of these interruptions are important and can’t wait, while […]

Blown Flower Art

Here’s an art activity that’s a workout for your lungs as well! Blown flower art was an activity that I found through pinterest and I really wanted to try it out. You can check out the original article here for ideas. Keep reading to hear about my experiences with this activity! For this activity you […]

Abstract Watercolor Garden

Everyone has played with watercolors at one time or another, right? What I like about this activity is it approaches watercolor art in a different way. And even better, this is a great activity for even those who say they aren’t “artists”. In fact, this is a great activity for those who are having trouble […]