Do-A-Dot Art With Toothettes

The other day I was doing a medical collage activity when I found a new use for toothettes: They make a great stand in for the Do-A-Dot paint bottles! Yep, not only do they make pretty flower prints on a page, they can also make other fun print designs. Here’s my example.

Medical Collage 2 - Frozen Theme

You’ll probably notice that I started the page with medical collage making in thought, plus a little Disney’s Frozen on the mind. What can I say, I was discussing the song “Summer” with a few others at the table. Next we started talking about the pile of toothettes on the table and the rest is history. All those awesome Do-A-Dot templates on the web can now be turned into medical play with the addition of some toothettes and paint! Try it for yourselves and see what you think!

Toothette Painting Activity Notes

Ages: 2 and up

Materials: Toothettes, paint, and paper

Therapeutic Value:
Medical Play
Legacy Building


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