Monthly Book Club: Time For Your Checkup!

"It's Time For Your Checkup" by Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS

“It’s Time For Your Checkup” by Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS

This month I got the pleasure to read a book written by a fellow child life specialist regarding going to the doctor. “It’s Time For Your Checkup: What To Expect When Going To A Doctor’s Visit” is a book written by Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS. The book focuses on explaining how a well child visit works to children, complete with pictures of children going through the steps. I am so excited that there is another book out that talks about the well child visit. While not all kids end up being hospitalized or even having surgery, all kids have to get check ups, multiple times throughout their lives. Because of that I think it’s very important to be having conversations with your children about going to the doctor and what to expect. One way to get that conversation started is by reading a book!

This book not only talks about the course of events during a well child visit, but it also tells the steps of a blood draw and a shot. This is a really great addition, because everyone gets shots and many children also have to get blood draws. By explaining it in an age appropriate way children aren’t surprised and they can make a plan to cope through the experience. Regarding this last point, the book also talks about ways to cope during painful and/or stressful medical procedures like blood draws and shots. And my favorite part, it shows different ways that parents can help their children cope, including the different ways you can parents can hold their children during blood draws and shots. In child life, we call these techniques “comfort positions” or “comfort holds”. Basically it means different ways to hold you child so they feel secure and safe and without having 3 people holding the child down. I especially love that there are pictures demonstrating the comfort holds, because I have found that it’s easier to show than to explain the positions.

I very much recommend this book for any family with children and encourage parents to read the story to their children. You can also get ideas from the book about how to help children process a doctor’s visit, including using medical play! You can find the book on Amazon and you can read more about the author Shani on her website. Shani was kind enough to share her bio with us, which you can read below!


img_0185Shani Thornton is a Certified Child Life Specialist and parent of two young children. She provides valuable information to child life specialists, parents and professionals working with kids. She is the author of a children’s book, It’s Time For Your Checkup What To Expect When Going To a Doctor Visit. To learn more about Shani, you can follow her blog at or contact her at





Book Snapshot

Title: It’s Time For Your Checkup: What To Expect When Going To A Doctor Visit

Author: Shani Thornton, MS, CCLS

Subjects: Well-child visit, Check-up, Doctors, Children

Ages: Preschool through School-age

Therapeutic Value:
Medical Play
Language Development

2 thoughts on “Monthly Book Club: Time For Your Checkup!

  1. Thanks Sarah for the wonderful comments and recommendation for your followers. I hope that it helps the families and children. The book is also available in digital format through Kindle, great for the on the go, through your smart phone or tablet.

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    I am excited to have shared my book with Sarah a Certified Child Life Specialist and blogger at A Little Playfulness. She gave me a fabulous review and shared it with her followers. Check out the link below to hear what Sarah thought of my children’s preparation book, It’s Time For Your Checkup What To Expect When Going To a Doctor Visit.

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