Baymax Gauze Art

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! It’s been awhile but I finally have a new therapeutic activity to share. This one is a little simple,  but it was actually part of a challenge that I gave myself one day while doing medical art with some children. We had given them various medical supplies and encouraged them to get creative. During the process, we started talking about superheros and I mentioned that one of my favorite superheros at the moment was Baymax from Big Hero 6. At the same time my coworker was talking about the different things you could do with gauze. Long story short, I decided to make myself a Baymax out of gauze.

Behold Baymax! In all his puffy glory!

Behold Baymax! In all his puffy glory!

So here’s the therapeutic activity challenge. Give participants gauze, paper, markers, and glue. Tell them that they are challenged to create a piece of art by only using these materials. Then let them go. Using the idea of loose parts, the goal is to get their creativity flowing by only allowing them a few items. You can do this activity with other medical supplies too, but try and keep the items available to a minimum. This encourages them to really think outside the box in a different way. You can have a theme if you want, or give participants free range. What can you come up with?

Medical Gauze Challenge Activity Notes

Ages: 4 and up

Materials: construction paper, markers, medical gauze, and glue

Therapeutic Value:
Fine Motor Control

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