Falling Into Place…

Happy November everyone! In most of the U.S. the temperatures are going down, including here in Texas. I’m trying really hard not to turn the heater on in my apartment just yet, but I will probably cave soon! Don’t get me wrong, I love Autumn, it’s just not the same here compared to where I grew up. (East Tennessee, if you’re wondering.) I was recently talking to a friend that Autumn in Texas doesn’t look or smell the same, which is probably in part because the leaves don’t change colors much. How I miss the fall leaves changing colors! I was definitely one of those kids who liked to dive into a pile of leaves… much to my mother’s frustration. My long hair easily tangled as a child without the addition of fall foliage.

Anywho, since we don’t have many colorful Autumn trees here, I decided to bring the autumn leaves indoors! IMG_2559

I saw this bulletin board idea on Pinterest and I changed it to fit my education needs. I wanted to educate the families coming in about some simple coping strategies as well as remind staff of the different techniques we can use. And it also helped to add some color to our space. Bonus points: I laminated all the leaves and letters. You may think that sounds like a lot of work, but not only does it compile with our infection control regulations, but I can use the pieces for other projects in the future!


At the bottom I made some different blurbs about some different choices parents and kids can have during their procedure in the phlebotomy room. I wanted families to see that they can speak up and make choices of their own. It was also a great reminder to staff about the choices they can give their families.

What about you? Do you have any favorite Autumn perks? Or activities? Reply in the comment section below!

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