The Strength of Singing

I am so excited about an article I just read that I wanted to share it with all of you readers, especially since it applies so well to the goal of this blog. The Guardian just released a piece on how singing to children can impact their language development. You can read the article in it’s entirety here. The article discusses how important it is for parents to sing to their children at a young age to help them develop their language. It even talks about how children responds differently to live music versus recorded music. Which means that parents are highly encouraged to not just play music on the radio or CD player, but actually sing to their children. It also points out that you don’t have to be Celine Dion or Phil Collins to positively impact your children. Just singing simple nursery rhymes and lullabies works great! And even better, at the end of the article there’s a note about dancing too! Dancing is a great way to work on motor development and coordination (for example) and when you pair dancing with singing you get double the benefits! I highly recommend checking this article out!

Article Link:

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