Children’s Hospitals Are Setting the Trends!

Here’s a great article that talks about how adult hospitals are starting to follow the lead of children’s hospitals to provide more patient centered care. It points out that adult hospitals are noting how children’s hospitals use more colors, try to make procedures less frightening, and allow family to stay and support the patient during stressful hospital situations. And with the added changes in healthcare starting, adult hospitals are using these techniques to increase patient satisfaction as well as promote a healing environment focused on the whole patient and the whole family. I think it’s awesome that adult hospitals are jumping on the bandwagon and I hope they continue to jump on, because let’s face it, we’re all kids at heart, and in the unknown hospital situation, that feeling often increases. By being kind and changing simple things to encourage a more calm and relaxed environment, we’ll be able to provide better care for patients and families of all ages.,0,3302289.story

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